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We now have 4 new baby gerbils! Dan went into the pet shotp on his lunch break and saw 4 tiny furballs noting that one of them was white and asleep before ringing me to let me know they were there. We had 2 conditions 1.) they were all females and 2.) that the white one was black eyed (although this didn't matter as much, the problems we had with Sugar being albino were all too fresh in our minds). When we got there thier little eyes opened and the white one (we now call Bounty) had black eyes. We got one of the ladies to open the cage for us and tell us if they were girls and they were! I was shaking becuase I was so excited! They are 10 weeks old and have been pretty shy the past 2 days but their little personalities are starting to appear.

Butterfinger loves to be picked up and sits on the top shelf waiting for us,
Bounty has attempted to be an escape artist 4 or 5 times and generally is noey, looking at what you're doing or what the noise is about.
Caramac likes to scratch the cage and follows Butterfinger around.
Oreo is soooo shy and will sit under the shelves / in a box instead of playing with her sisters. When she is out she likes to dig under the sawdust and then reappears with big flakes of it stuck to her head.

When we got back with them, the washing maching had jiggled Spices ball off of our fridge freezer which was strange. Not sure if we should read that as anything... I'm not superstitious enough.

In other news I'm still avoiding anything to do with uni.



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