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Writer's Block: Pecking Order
Are you an oldest, youngest, middle, or only child? How do you think it has influenced your personality?
I'm the eldest and there are pro's and con's.

I am the oldest by a little (2 years 7 months) with my full sister and a lot (17 years) with my half sister. I think much more is expected of me being the eldest. My Dad says he doesn't worry about me at all and I should make sure my dizzy 20 year old sister is ok. In a way its sweet because they trust me to make the right decisions but it also means my parents don't notice when I need support in return. They are too busy worrying about what the other two are doing.

My sister and I used to fight alot but now we get on alright, mostly because I keep a lid on it. She is often given everything she wants i.e. we moved out of our family home at the same age and she has everything new which mum and dad bought her whereas everything we had was old, cracked or bought through our hard earnt savings.

My 5 year old hald sister is sort of an only child since she lives in Scotland with my dad and her mum. She is cute and I love her but she expects to be spoilt. She also doesn't have a very good concept of sharing or waiting for things because she pretty mmuch gets things on demand. I'd like Dad to have another but he won't!


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