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5569_219137280082_562015082_8055975_3185030_n by you.

This post is brought to you by my amazing 5 year old sister and her "shocked" face,

America was fantastic. The weather was beautiful and I really enjoyed spending time with my family. We ate yummy food and didn't get much of a tan! Evie got to meet her hero Stitch and screamed her head off on some of the rides adding "I am never going to do that again in my life". She makes me laugh so much.

Since coming home I've had the "holiday blues" (expression borrowed from 2 friends of mine) as uni is looming. Mostly I've had enough of acedemia. I'm a third year now with 9 months left so I've just got to suck it up and have no life for just a bit longer.

Le sigh.

Up to Edinburgh tomorrow night for a week at Dad's. A few of my uni friends are going up to the festival so we might meet up with them for a bit too. Just be nice to escape from uni thoughts to be fair.

I am too lazy to update properly.

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Lol cute pic! :) Evie has grown up fast!!

She is a little comedian at times! Can you believe she'll be 6 this year?? It makes me feel so old. I remember her being born when I was 17 so vividly!

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