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Uni is finished for the year. Less than 2 week til I go to Florida with my family!

Dan has gone on a training course this week. Every noise in the flat seems to be amplified through the night because I'm so jumpy! Had a rotten nights sleep without him, What made it worse was the lady from No. 20 banging on about something very loudly for over an hour in the morning (starting from 8.23 to be exact). I hadn't gone to bed til gone 1 since I'd been at the pub to celebrate Liz's (uni course person) birthday and I needed to watch BB! (ok I know it's sad...)

This week should be fun packed anyway!
Today: we're (lorg, jade and me) going to west witterings beach and I can lie on the sand and aaaah....
Tonight: I'm going to stay at my mum's because...
Wednesday: I'm going to BANKSY's exhibition in Bristol with my family and then we are going to shop (even though we have no money!)
Thursday: Uni
Friday: Dan comes home
Saturday: My auntie June is coming down from Newcastle for a funeral on Friday but it's her birthday on Saturday so it will be lovely to see her.

It's all go!

Have nothing whatsoever planned for next week though.


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Congrats on finishing Uni!! :)

And enjoy Banksy, his work is amazing!! xx

how was the banksy? i really wanna go!

It was alright. Sooo busy which made it really hot (although this was when it was a million degrees outside anyway). There is loads of work there which is good and it's on every floor of the gallery but mostly concentrated downstairs. I would say it didn't really live up to the hype but it was pretty good to see in person!

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